Mynydd Isa Scouts is proud that we rise to each challenge that we face. We believe in being resilient and finding ways to overcome adversity.

Here are just some of the things our young people get up to. 

The Great Necker Challenge. We set the world alight with neckers flying everywhere to keep being smiling and active through lockdown in 2020!

Dan the GSL explains in in the video that we put together to say thank you to Scouts, leaders and volunteers across Wales, the UK and around the world. At the time it was just an idea that our Deputy Group Scout Leader, Paula Blundell came up with to trying keep our spirits up. Once we had the video created we challenged first Flinsthsire Scout District and then we challenged Scouts Cymru to rise to the challenge and thrown their necks.

Little did we realise that it would become a GLOBAL sensation with Scouts form all over the world throwing necker around and posting videos through lock down. If you search #GreatNeckerChallenge on Facebook or other social media sites you will often see some benchers being thrown.

And we started it. Just us at Mynydd Isa Scouts.

Which we think that is pretty cool! What do you think?